Addall XR Shots 750mg – Orange flavor 2oz – 12ct Box

Addall XR Shots 750mg – Orange flavor 2oz – 12ct Box

Addall XR for Focus and Energy

What is Addall XR Used For?

Addall XR is used for increased energy and focus, and helping you stay active and clear without coffee or energy drinks. Addall XR is a proprietary blend with the added benefit of B vitamins to keep your body, and your mind, running at top shape.

What are the benefits of using Addall XR?

-Increased mental focus- completely isolate your attention to the task at hand

-Improve Concentration – Achieve high level awareness of the steps required to accomplish your goal

-Increase Energy – Cant stop, wont stop. More than enough energy to get the job done!

This product was developed for Circle K West Coast and blew up so we’re offering it nationwide now!

What is the Addall XR Dosage?

Addall XR comes in a orange flavored 2oz shot. It is recommended that you start with half shot and you can increase as your body, experience, or tolerance requires.

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