Blaze Honey – Kratom Shot 12ct Box

Introducing the Blaze Honey Kratom Shot, now available in a convenient 12-count box! Each box contains 12 individual kratom shots, offering a delicious honey flavor that you’ll surely enjoy.

Each Blaze Honey Kratom Shot contains two servings, perfect for sharing with a friend or consuming over multiple occasions. This unique and powerful blend combines the well-known Mitragyna speciosa extract with a 100mg* dosage derived from the leaves of the Kratom plant, providing you with the benefits this amazing plant has to offer.

But that’s not all! Our Blaze Honey Kratom Shot also includes a boost of energy from 25mg* of caffeine, ensuring you remain alert and focused throughout your day. The combination of Kratom extract and caffeine makes this shot the perfect choice for those seeking natural ways to enhance their daily routine.

Comes in a 12 count box.



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