Element – Kratom – Kilos

Element – Kratom – Kilos


From the manufacturer:


Element Kratom is a Pennsylvania based family owned Kratom company.

After seeing sub-par Kratom at less than reasonable prices across the country for years.

We became determined to deliver the best Kratom at the best price possible. Element Kratom is the quality you deserve.

Our staff uses the products that we make. We understand how important quality and consistency are to our valued customers.

We test every batch for microbials, metals and potency prior to import and after arrival.

Element Kratom is honest to goodness 100% pure unadulterated kratom.

We think you will find our Kratom is more potent than the average varieties on the market.

Our Mitragynine content exceeds most brands and expectations.

I assure you that every batch we bring to market is top notch.

Although you may notice slight variations in the color of your favorite strain. Rest assured this is naturally occurring due to seasonal changes in growing conditions.

Our family at Element Kratom invites you to join us in our Kratom revolution.


The Martin Family


Red Bali
Element - Kratom - Kilos - Red Bali

9 in stock

Red Horn
Element - Kratom - Kilos - Red Horn

7 in stock

Green Bali
Element - Kratom - Kilos - Green Bali

4 in stock

Green Malay
Element - Kratom - Kilos - Green Malay

8 in stock

Maeng Da
Element - Kratom - Kilos - Maeng Da

5 in stock

White Bali
Element - Kratom - Kilos - White Bali

Out of stock

White Indo
Element - Kratom - Kilos - White Indo

8 in stock

White Elephant
Element - Kratom - Kilos - White Elephant

3 in stock

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