Dark Side of the Shroom Mushroom Gummies 5PK 2500MG / Bag

Discover Amanita Muscaria

That iconic red-capped mushroom with white spots? That’s Amanita Muscaria!

Amanita Muscaria is a type of mushroom native to temperate climates like Eastern Europe and the UK, they associate with numerous coniferous and deciduous trees. Some of the earliest history of Amanita Muscaria dates back centuries from use by Shamans, spiritual seekers, and cerebral celebrators. The main mind-expanding compound in Amanita Muscaria is Muscimol. Muscimol produces trippy effects with a twist. It is thought of as being a trippy sedative, a relaxed trip instead of the iconic powerhouse effects of psilocybin most people are familiar with. The biggest difference between psilocybin and Amanita is the legality. Amanita is legal everywhere except Louisiana.

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