Cream Knockout THCP 3500mg Disposables

Cream Knockout 3500mg Disposables

Bolstered by the of the world’s most potent cannabinoids, Cream disposables are a potent reminder of everything great about cannabis. 

A delicious flavor of Grape Goji, Watermelon Zkittles or Unicorn Bliss every hit, and the experience only gets better from there. The sleek and generously apportioned disposable is convenient for home or on-the-go use, and the juice guarantees smooth pulls on each inhale. 

“Almost instantly, euphoric sensations begin to buzz in the mind and the body starts to tingle. As the high progresses, users can look forward to a flood of creative thoughts that can make everything seem funny, and a buzzing body high that feels like your muscles have turned into melting butter. 

It’s a great choice for daytime or early evening use and can make even the worst day seem not so bad. Vaping a few puffs before turning on a movie or hanging out with friends can ratchet your enjoyment up to 11 and turn a mundane night into an unforgettable experience.

Grape Goji Sativa
Cream Knockout THCP 3500mg Disposables - Grape Goji Sativa

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Watermelon Zkittles Sativa
Cream Knockout THCP 3500mg Disposables - Watermelon Zkittles Sativa

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Unicorn Bliss Sativa
Cream Knockout THCP 3500mg Disposables - Unicorn Bliss Sativa

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