Wild Orchard – Delta 8 – Disposable Vape Pen

Great looking and delicious tasting disposables with 250mg of Delta 8, coming in four delicious flavors. Wild Orchard Co. Delta-8 products are proudly made and manufactured in the USA and use some ISO-Certified Lab facilities that are Current Good Manufacturing Practices certified. Their number one priority is upholding rules and regulations to ensure that our practices are not only safe and correct, but also consistent and reliable.

Flavor info:

Pineapple Express: Aloha, sativa! Great for a little buzz of energy in social settings, the Wild Orchard Full-Spectrum Delta-8 Pineapple Express Vape Pen is Sativa-dominant and features a blend of punchy, tropical flavors.

Blue Dream: Might as well queue up “Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun because this sativa-dominant pen will give you the energy to dance, skip, socialize, and power through any day or night! For a truly uplifting, Cloud 9-like experience, the Wild Orchard Full-Spectrum Delta-8 Blue Dream Vape Pen presents a light, dreamy flavor.

Gorilla Glue: Developed for gorilla-strength potency and flavor, the Wild Orchard Full-Spectrum Delta-8 Gorilla Glue Vape Pen is Indica-dominant and subtle in flavor.

Birthday Cake: Treat every day like your birthday with our Full-Spectrum Delta-8 Birthday Cake Vape Pen! Developed for efficacy, potency and flavor, the Wild Orchard Birthday Cake Vape Pen is indica-dominant and presents a subtle vanilla cake flavor for good reason to celebrate.


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