Sugar Extrax Dual – THCO+D9 Disposable 2g

This new collaboration between Sugar and Delta Extrax is by far one of the sweetest duo’s in the hemp industry. Every Best Buds disposable pack contains 2 vape devices. Each disposable vape contains 2 grams of an incredible Live Resin THC-O + Delta 9 THC blend for a total of 4 grams!

Banana Kush is a indica strain that is a combination of crossing Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. The result of this perfect combo tastes and smells like a bushel of fresh bananas. The banana kush will provide a mellow feel with a relaxed sense. The perfect choice to get those creative juices flowing and help you become a social butterfly.

Blue Alien is a powerful, sweet-smelling indica that combines the strains of Blueberry and Alien Kush. The Blue Alien takes on the sweet berry aroma and the dreamy euphoria and a full-body calm. You’d usually want the Blue Alien during the evening time when pursuing a good night’s sleep.

Purple pineapple is a unique Sativa based on the legendary strain you know and love Pineapple Express and the low-key Huckleberry Hound. A sweet aroma of lemons and pineapples with the flavor notes of your favorite tropical fruits, and a taste of purple berry on the exhale.

Rainbow Belts is a cross between the two delicious strains, Zkittlez and Moonbow. Named for its gorgeous appearance and delicious flavor. Rainbow Belts is that perfect blend for any Sativa lover who wants a long-lasting feel and a great taste.

Mystery is a mystery hybrid cross strain, it’s the perfect hybrid for that who want a powerful taste that packs a punch.

Strawberry & Cream crosses a strawberry with cookies and cream. An exotic blend that will keep you wanting more!

  • USA Hemp Derived THC-O and Delta-9 THC
  • Natural and Organic Terpenes
  • Includes (2) 2 gram disposables (4 grams total)
  • USB-C Rechargeable (cable not included)

Sativa Purple Pineapple, Rainbow Belts
Sugar Extrax Dual - THCO+D9 Disposable 2g - Sativa Purple Pineapple, Rainbow Belts

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Banana Kush, Blue Alien
Sugar Extrax Dual - THCO+D9 Disposable 2g - Banana Kush, Blue Alien

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Hybrid Mystery, Strawberry & Cream
Sugar Extrax Dual - THCO+D9 Disposable 2g - Hybrid Mystery, Strawberry & Cream

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