Boulder W2 Concentrate Pen Kit

The Boulder W2

A sophisticated, configurable system for concentrates, optimized to suit all of your concentrate vaping needs.

The Powerful Boulder W2 gives you the flexibility to personalize your concentrate vaping experience by providing two optimized heating methods. The W2 comes pre-installed with a cutting-edge ceramic disc chamber that’s ready to go out of the box, for the purest tastes from your concentrates. When the occasion calls, it’s easy to change the game by switching to the included dual quartz rod atomizer, which provides huge cloud action.  

Both heating chambers are powered efficiently through Boulder’s high purity graphite 720mAh battery, which has been engineered for instant ramp-up time. The W2 supplies enough long-lasting power to let you go about your day without thinking about charging. When it comes time to recharge via micro-USB, you get passthrough performance so you’ll never miss a beat. A gently pulsating light ring indicates charging activity and you get full capacity in just 60 minutes.

We haven’t forgotten anything with the W2. The charging cable is extra long so you can easily enjoy in passthrough mode while powering up. A heat-resistant silicone band is included for comfortable handling during extended sessions. We’ve even included a premium dual-sided filling tool for your convenience.

Trust Boulder to deliver a system that delivers the best in concentrates, no matter what your style.

(1) Boulder W2 w/Ceramic Heating Disc Chamber Pre-Installed
(1) Dual Quartz 510 Rod Chamber
(1) Silicone Heat-Resistant Band
(1) Stainless Steel Dual-Sided Filling Tool
(1) Micro-USB Charging Cable

** indicates prepaid ecig (OTP) tax.

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