Space Gods Disposable D8/D9 Live Resin 3ml

Space Gods SPACEPOD Live Resin Disposable Features:
• Capacity: 3 Grams
• Strength: 3000mg
• Cannabinoid: Delta-8 & Delta-9
• Concentrate: Live Resin
• Operation: Draw-Activation
• < 0.3% Delta-9 THC
• 3rd Party Lab Tested

Available Options:
• Alien Apple (Hyrbrid)
• Cosmo Crush (Sativa)
• Moon Dust (Indica)

Also available are  3g liquid diamond disposables with three tasty flavors: tropical Landing, Pomegranate Planet, and Mango Meteors. If you haven’t experienced the wonderful combination of Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC, we recommend picking these up!

What Are Liquid Diamonds?

As you can imagine, this product gets the name “liquid diamonds” because they appear in diamond form! Liquid diamonds are a potent combination of live resin sauce and THCa diamonds. When creating a live resin product, there are two main components. One part is the terpene-rich “sauce” and the THCa diamond portion. Diamonds are incredibly high purity ranging from 96-99% pure THCa. During the live resin process, sauce and diamonds are typically separated. To create a “liquid diamond,” manufacturers reheat the diamond (which turns the THCa into its active form, THC) and reintroduce it into its saucy counterpart.

Overall, liquid diamonds can essentially be considered a higher purity premium THC distillate made without distillation. Liquid diamonds pair terpene-rich properties of live resin with high potency, creating a delicious and unique THC experience.

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