Runtz Disposable 1ML THC-H Live Resin

Runtz X Litty THC-H Infused Disposables

Tropical Punch

Intensely rich, nectarlike flavor for warm nights and sunny days.

Baja Blast

A memorable zing of lime lifts up a blast of deep, juicy, citrus with these THC-H Infused Disposables by Little High.

Little High THC-H Live Infused Disposable Features 

  • 1ml / 1 gram
  • Rechargeable
  • 85% THC-H
  • 10% CBC/CBG/CBD
  • 5 % Terpenes
  • 0% Cutting Agents

What is THC-H?

THC-H was first isolated from the cannabis plant in 2020 by an Italian team of researchers who also discovered THC-P (tetrahydrocannabiphorol).

THC-H and THC-P, are the most powerful forms of THC found in the hemp plant. This is because of the strong psychoactive effects they can generate.

Being a minor cannabinoid, it can also be found in the hemp plant in small concentrations. So it is a naturally occurring compound in nature that can also be synthetically produced.

It is strongly recommended to use with caution, as THC-H is a powerful compound that is more potent than Delta 8, Delta 10, and most other compounds.

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