Hemp Relief THCO Flower 3.5g Jar

More quality products from Hemp Relief! Introducing a new line of small batch (3.5g) THC-O Flower from Hemp Relief.

THC-O stands for THC-O-acetate — it’s a synthetic form of THC roughly 3 times as potent as delta 9 THC and 5 times more potent than Delta 8.

Smooth smoking, the natural way.

The Flavors:

In cannabis plants, Granddaddy Purple offers large yields, with nugs that are resinous and dense. This strain is famous for its complex tastes, which are described as something between sweet berries and fresh soil. The THC-) is even more powerful, leaving consumers feeling happy and relaxed.

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blueberry with Haze. The sweet flavors of fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects to produce a long-lasting sense of euphoria. Many consumers utilize the effects of Blueberry to help contend with pain and stress.


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