Death By Gummy Bears Delta 8 Gummies


DBG gummies are high dosage gummies with a great flavor and super high-potency. Each bag is 1000mg of Delta 8, with a whopping 100mg of Delta per piece. These are so strong they recommend starting with a 1/2 piece, and warn not to take more than 1 every two hours. Your customers will appreciate the value.


Birthday Cake 1000mg: If you’re a birthday cake lover, the gooey and sweet gummy CBD birthday gummies are certainly going to be your thing! Composed with love, finest natural hemp, use of precious Delta 8, and natural birthday cake flavorings, this masterpiece of a product will not fail to impress and will surely live you wanting for more! These edible candies with the taste of delectable birthday cakes are the signature product of Deathbygummies. The quality and transparency of these speak for themselves. Get ready for a bite of celebrations and tasty treats with the spanking new CBD Birthday cake gummy that is packed with amazing sweetness, 100 mg of delta 8, and powerful flavors.

Watermelon 1o0oomg: Are you on a quest for the taste of the iconic fruit of summer in your edible gummies? Well, the search for you is over with the all-new CBD watermelon gummies. The taste of fresh, green, fruity with a hint of key lime flavor sets them apart from other gummies available in the market. The full-spectrum CBD derived from finest organic hemp grown in the US, fine use of 10 counts of delta 8 per piece, and watermelon extracts make it a candy with indulging in! Buy CBD watermelon gummies and dive into the taste of a delightful and refreshing summer staple!

KeyLime 1000mg: Lime bears are famous for being the most potent CBD gummies out there. The making of
CBD lime gummies involve a blend of quality ingredients. Starting from finest American grown hemp, exquisite amount of 100mg delta 8 in every single piece and concentrates of lemon bar flavor. The lime gummies confer the taste of lime with a bit of tartness with sweetness strikes. They top the list for their sour taste, strength, and high quality. Buy CBD key lime gummies and explore the delicious way to support a sense of calm and relaxation.

Blueberry 1000mg: This edible candy renders just the right amount of sweetness and antioxidant values. Every single piece of this blueberry gummy is crafted by merging naturally sourced full-spectrum hemp, blueberry extracts, and a punch of 100 mg delta 8, making other bear gummies in the market cover in shame. These gummies with their amazing ready-to-go fruit taste and powerhouse of goodness are bound to exceed your expectation and live you craving for more!

Death By Gummy Bears

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