JNJ Distribution
Wholesale Done

JNJ Distribution was created to fill a niche in the wholesale distribution market. We service all of the needs of smoke shops and alternative retailers in a fast, flexible way with high margin products.

We work in partnership with several retail locations and we trial products in the marketplace before launching to determine margin and viability. 

We know what works and more importantly we have the data to prove it

Why are we Better ?

We are better because we use our brick and mortar retail experience to build planograms that will show you every step to take in order to lower your cost and increase your margins. 

We are better because we have multiple payment options available to make your purchase decisions easier.

We are better because we have fast shipping. if you order today your product will ship no-later than tomorrow.

We are better because our customer service team gives you the attention you deserve. Attention you won’t get from the big guys.

How are we Different ?

We are a small and dedicated team of Midwest folks that will visit your location and show you how we can help. 

Our goal is always to build a long lasting relationship that works for everyone involved.

As we hear from you and what you need from us, you’ll see our inventory change to more accurately reflect what you want to see.

From our General Manager to our Warehouse personnel and Drivers, we appreciate your business and you will see it through our actions and hard work.

We put our customers first.

How do you Benefit?

Our website is changing daily. We move fast and always have new products and new ideas.  

Our new product development team is adding products daily to not only keep up with but also get in front of industry trends.

Don’t see what you want?

Let us know, we’ll do everything in our power to get it.

Being a small team is great. It means we don’t have to fight through a ton of red tape to get things done.

We are committed to becoming your wholesale partner.

Lets talk. 1-866-623-9779